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Welcome to D & A Haulers. We are the premier hauling service in Springtown, TX. We are dependable, reliable, honest and fair in our pricing, and if you have something you need to be hauled – just about anything – we are the company to call on.

Here's an overview of what we do and what we haul:

Road Base Services – We have years of experience in delivering the mission critical road base supplies for your job. And we are fully licensed and insured on our deliveries, so you can trust in the work we do. The types of road base services we supply include concrete contractor, dirt removal, gravel removal, sand delivery, dirt work and residential hauling.

Landscape Material Services – When landscaping contractors or home or business owners need something delivered, we are the company for all your needs. We handle brick delivery, sand hauling, wood delivery, landscape material hauling and construction debris hauling.

Hauling Services – If your hauling needs are more general in purpose, there is a good chance we can handle that as well. Some of the things we normally haul include junk removal, furniture hauling, yard waste removal, construction debris clean up, refrigerator hauling. And if you don't see what you need hauled on this list, give us a call, and there's a good chance we do it.

Again, we are honest and fair in all our dealings, and our prices are reasonable. The next time you need something moved from one place to another, be sure to contact us. We are a local company in Springtown, TX, and we take pride in the loyal base we have built with many customers in the area. In fact, many of them actually use us on a regular basis for more than one type of hauling. Be sure to look through the rest of the website for more specific information on our services.

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